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December 15, 2016 – (Youngstown, OH)
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December 28, 2014 – (Youngstown, OH)
Discover Global Warehouse Expansion
December 20, 2011 – (Youngstown, OH)
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October 18, 2010 – (Youngstown, OH)
Regional Chamber Report Feat. Discover Global
December 28, 2014 - Youngstown, Ohio

Discover Global Warehouse Expansion

Discover Global, an international supply chain solutions company for metals, plastics and assemblies, is pleased to announce that the company has expanded their warehouse to 25,000 square feet.

“In simple terms, we needed more space as we continue to add product categories and customers over the past few years,” says Joe Kotel CFO at Discover Global. The expansion will also allow a more efficient delivery system to customers and availability for stocking programs.

Discover Global is an international supply chain solutions company for metals, plastics and assemblies for various industries. We are focused on helping companies remain competitive in the global marketplace through our supply chain, manufacturing capabilities, services and expertise. With offices around the globe we have formed an infrastructure to simplify the global sourcing process and are a cost effective solution to hiring a specialized staff to manage your international supply chain needs.

For more information, please contact:
Discover Global, LLC
550 W Pine Lake Road
North Lima, OH 44452
(330) 299-0073