Products & Services

Metal Fabrication

Discover Global specializes in metal fabrication assemblies of the following parts and components:

  • Machined
  • Welded
  • Cast
  • Forged

  • Stamped
  • Extruded Metal
  • Plastic
  • Polishing

We serve industries such as the industrial, hardware, electronic, energy, communications, and automotive markets. Discover Global can provide you with a competitive advantage in assemblies with our low cost structure in the US and Asia. The components may be manufactured and produced in the same location, or if more cost effective the components may be manufactured in Asia, and assembled with your other components at our facilities in the US. This allows you to focus on the more complicated final assembly of your product.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Asia and our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. In addition, our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can warehouse product and provide next day service for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the United States in order to provide competitive pricing on small and large orders.