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Discover Global’s low-cost forging factories have the ability to design and manufacture high quality close-tolerance closed die, open die, and rolled forgings for many different industries.

The forging process reduces or eliminates machining labor through close-tolerances and/or reduction of material requirements, which offers a high-volume, low cost repeatable metal product. Offering strength with the smallest volume of material, hot, cold and drop forgings provide less surface area to machine, resulting in less weight in the final product.

Discover Global’s Asia forgings factories supply total in-house product and process control, including the tooling and die fabrication to the complete forging process. Due to our in-house tooling we are able to delivery your part from prototype to production very quickly. We can also provide secondary operations to forgings if necessary, including face milling, drilling, coining, threading, cold trimming and others. We provide a low cost forging solution for a wide variety of irregular shaped parts such as stems, worm gears, case halves, hubs and flanges.

Our forged parts are used for many industries including medical, automotive, appliances and equipment, marine, and industrial valve. Our forgings facilities offer state of the art production capabilities and complete secondary finishing capabilities for the following types of forgings:

  • Brass Forgings
  • Aluminum Forgings
  • Steel Forgings
  • Alloy Steel Forgings
  • Stainless Steel Forgings

  • Nickel Forgings
  • Various Alloy Forgings
  • Cold Forging
  • Drop Forging
  • Hot Forging

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Asia and our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. In addition, our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can warehouse product and provide next day service for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the United States in order to provide competitive pricing on small and large orders.