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Discover Global provides packaging solutions, in which we work with you to understand the product and your specific needs, and assist you in reducing your overall production costs by examining the costs associated with packaging.

Improperly packaged shipments cost companies thousands and even millions of dollars in damages, lost time, lost revenue, and customer relations. The total packaging cost includes more than just the cost of the carton: inefficient packaging slowing down the assembly time, damaged product due to poor package design, increased labor to deal with customer issues relating to damaged product, lost productivity while your staff reships the product, additional freight to ship a replacement product, the cost of an additional carton, as well as the replacement product. With a smart packaging strategy, you can avoid these hidden costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Discover Global will create a customized packaging solution for you to guard your product from damage during shipping. When you work with Discover Global you will get the personal attention you require to ensure your products arrive at their destination, delivered safely, looking the way you want them to.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Asia and our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. In addition, our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can warehouse product and provide next day service for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the United States in order to provide competitive pricing on small and large orders.