Products & Services

Precision Machining

High quality precision machining services for the industrial, hardware, electronic, energy, industrial valve, water supply, communications, and automotive markets are a specialty of Discover Global. We have many high quality CNC Machines (mills and lathes) in Asia and the US, available in many sizes that produce simple and complex shapes. Our domestic facility also offers high quality precision machining services for quick turn and moderate volume production runs.

Our domestic factory can perform precision machine services for low to medium productions runs, and provide quick turnaround prototypes engineered to maintain critical customer requirements. Our manufacturing, logistics, quality and design facility in the US is also able to assist customers that might require additional support in addition to our Asia factory.

Metal Turnings

Discover Global can meet your metal turnings requirements on our automated CNC lathes on short to long runs, simple or complex parts. We manufacture brass turnings, stainless steel turnings, magnesium turnings, carbon steel metal turnings and aluminum turnings at our CNC machining factory in the US and our Asia factory. Because metal turnings require significant labor, we are able to utilize automated CNC lathes or our low cost structures in Asia, and provide a low cost final product.

Our automated CNC lathes can machine most bar stock into a finished component. Some of our products include dowel pins, brass screws, carburetor needle valves, double lead stems, brass components, and other types of screws. We machine a wide spectrum of metals (brass, magnesium, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many more) with equipment that allow us to knurl, thread, back end mill, roll mark, key-way, and back drill, eliminating costly secondary machining operations on metal turnings.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Asia and our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. In addition, our headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio can warehouse product and provide next day service for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the United States in order to provide competitive pricing on small and large orders.