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Discover Global hires Engineering and Quality Manager

Discover Global, an international supply chain solutions company for metals, plastics and assemblies, is excited to announce the hiring of Jason Markijohn as our Engineering and Quality Manger.

Jason’s primary responsibility at Discover Global will be for engineering review and quality control activities. Jason holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, and a Master’s Degree from North Carolina State University.

Jason worked for the Department of Defense in North Carolina for seven years. During his employment, he designed several pieces of support equipment for several aircraft platforms, including C-130, H-46, V-22 and H-1. Jason’s last role with the Department of Defense was the support equipment Point of Entry for all C-130 related support equipment at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

Discover Global is an international supply chain solutions company for metals, plastics and assemblies for various industries. We are focused on helping companies remain competitive in the global marketplace through our supply chain, manufacturing capabilities, services and expertise. With offices around the globe, we have formed an infrastructure to simplify the global sourcing process and are a cost effective solution to hiring specialized staff to manage your international supply chain needs.

For more information, please contact:
Discover Global, LLC
550 W Pine Lake Road
North Lima, OH 44452
(330) 299-0073

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